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Now We're Here (2008)

Now We're Here Album Cover.webp

Now We're Here (2008)

Frances' first album, released in 2008. Recorded and produced by Gavin Jones of Duvateen Sound. This was Frances' first foray in "acoustic tropical new wave folk" mixed with classical and reggae influences. Frances on vocals, guitar, keyboards, and percussion. With Stephen Schmidt on bass.

Patterns (2011)

Patterns Album Cover.webp

Patterns (2011)

Patterns was Frances' second album, released in 2011. Continuing Frances' acoustic indie singer/songwriter style with pop, rock, folk, and world influences including touches of reggae and Latin (bossa nova, flamenco), this album explored themes of the different ways we engage and observe patterns in our relationships and life experiences. With Gavin Jones on bass.

Hidden Gems (2020)

Hidden Gems Album Cover.jpg

Hidden Gems (2020)

Frances' third album "Hidden Gems", released in 2020, was her first recording in 8 1/2 years after surviving cancer. The album explores themes of hidden lessons and inspirations in experiences and in people during the life journey. Expect Frances' signature thoughtful and eclectic indie folk pop/rock style, with more of a full band sound.  The album was recorded at Tape Vault Studio, at the legendary Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. The album was recorded and produced by Chris von Sneidern, with Gavin Jones on bass, and Matt Sather and Bill Moya on drums.

"That Was Good Enough"
NEW SONG on Bandcamp

My project-1.jpg

July/Summer 2022

It's my honor to put Roy Recio's lyrics to music in this song "That Was Good Enough", honoring his father, who was a Filipino migrant farm worker in Watsonville, CA , and all of the manongs, fellow elders and ancestors of Filipino/Asian Americans, who immigrated to the United States in search of a better life and worked backbreaking hours laboring in the canneries and fruit/vegetable/sugar cane fields/farms of the West Coast states, namely California, Alaska, and Hawaii.

This particular song also is dedicated to honoring the Filipino migrant workers who were attacked by angry white rioters during the 1930 Watsonville race riots, who blamed Filipinos for taking jobs (that they did not want anyway) and taking their women. The riot resulted in the murder of Fermin Tobera. The city of Watsonville voted unanimously to issue a formal apology to the Filipino American community for what happened.

Roy founded The Tobera Project (, dedicated to preserving the legacy of Filipino and Asian American history of the manongs who sacrificed their lives and energy to help feed the people of the United States. University of Califiornia at Santa Cruz is now housing the special historical exhibit and database/archive featuring the pictures, stories, histories, and artifacts of these manongs and their families in the Watsonville/Santa Cruz/Pajaro Valley area.

When you purchase this song, the proceeds will go directly to The Tobera Project to continue the wonderful work that Roy is doing to keep Filam/Asian American history and legacy alive. Thanks for all of your support, and for contributing to this wonderful cause. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! :) 

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