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Client 8

Call That Music Magazine

A really sweet West Coast Sound for sure is present here...All in all, “Hidden Gems” is a good release. It seems like a well produced album, the mixes are decent and it sounds professionally done. For those of you looking for some nice chill tunes for your playlist, this is the album you want to check out! Nicely done Frances!

Client 2

Tuned Out Loud Magazine

There is a sumptuous, lush feeling to “Hidden Gems” that recalls early American singer-songwriter and folk music, yet it has a modern twist. I really love her sense of tone; there is such longing and desire in her voice and words that I find it nearly impossible to not be moved every single time..

Client 3

Woke Chimp Music Blog

Although the rhythmic intensity and stylistic shifts in melodic mood change from track to track, there is an underlying tone of new wave folk that emanates throughout this album; primarily carried by the soft yet emotive tone of Frances’ vocal performance. Her passion is tangibly felt through her gentle vocal color throughout the album.

Client 5

Hellhound on My Trail

San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Frances Ancheta belongs to the post-Generation X side of the acoustic-pop coin, absorbing the influence of not only traditional folk music but the edgy British college rock of the mid-to-late '80s. These influences inform her approach...which marries the coffeehouse calmness of folk with the brittle emotions of classic alternative music.

Client 6

Frances has enough pop influence to make her easily accessible but brings some more global beats and influences that make her much more interesting and surprising. Her unique way of bringing different influences together separates her out from the masses.

Client 4

Warlock Asylum International News

This 11-track masterpiece is a stirring offering from Ancheta that uniquely encompasses her craftiness in composing inventive melodies and taste of stirring hymns. Hidden Gems possesses an acute organic richness that comes to life through bare instrumentation and genuine talent.

Client 1

Dancing About Architecture

Her soft, soulful voice, soft jazz infusions, folky lilts and graceful musical demeanour, it’s all here...Hidden Gems is actually just that, an album full of soft, sonic textures and deft songwriting, delicacy and songs which are classics in the making.

Client 7

The Band Camp Diaries

Frances Ancheta is a singer and songwriter who recently released a new album, “Hidden Gems.”  The project features 11 songs, and what’s special about the setlist is that every track has a completely different approach, giving the audience a brand new perspective on what it is like to make music with an open mind and a lot of creativity.

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